Digital training and insights for pharmaceutical marketers

Digital training and insights for pharma marketing

About Pharmacologie

The way healthcare professionals connect and engage is changing fast, and today’s pharma marketer must be equipped with a new way of thinking and a new set of skills.
Pharma marketers are expected to know and do it all, but navigating this new territory is tricky. Customer expectations and needs are evolving, and even with a number of new digital options at their fingertips, it’s difficult for pharma marketers to use these new tools to create a meaningful and effective marketing strategy.
We understand all of this, and we’re here to help. Having worked in pharma marketing for years, we’ve seen the confidence gap that keeps pharma from embracing effective and enduring digital strategies.

That’s why we created Pharmacologie. It’s marketing strategy for the digital age…specifically for pharma.

Who we are

Tania Rowland is a digital marketing consultant and a leadership and transformation coach. Tania has a strong commercial focus stemming from a career that started in sales through to senior marketing and management roles. As an early adopter Tania saw the importance for companies to adopt digital strategies and platforms and for the last 4 years she has specialised in pharmaceutical digital marketing. Tania is a recognised member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is an advisor on the Northern Regional board for the Marketing Association, New Zealand and holds a variety of certifications as well as a BCom (Business Administration).
Sawyer Trice is a digital marketing specialist who helps pharmaceutical companies develop customer-focused digital strategies. Sawyer joined the pharmaceutical industry after five years working for e-commerce and biotech startups in New York, Washington DC, and Sydney. Entrepreneurial at heart, Sawyer is passionate about bringing the Lean business methodology to pharma marketing, where risk is managed and cost is reduced by testing digital strategies in quick, small-scale pilots.

The Future of the Pharma Sales Force

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Email Marketing Rules and Legal Mandatories

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